Care Connection Team

Care Connection Team

Why do this service?

To ensure best patient care is delivered in the most appropriate setting, which may include one or more of the following sectors: Health, Social Care and/or Voluntary organisations.

How does it work?

Currently there are 3 CCTs in Hayes and Harlington, each consisting of a guided care matron, care coordinator and of a course the patient’s GP. Each CCT look after 5 practices thereby the entire CCT workforce will cover the 15 practices within Clover Health.

CCTs aim to ensure patients’ care is shaped around them, so that any deterioration in medical health, or otherwise, is addressed promptly. Currently patients ages 65 or over, are offered this bespoke management plan, but we hope to eventually provide this service to all of our patients within Hayes and Harlington.

There is strong evidence to support the role of CCTs in primary care. It is already well known that they are able to provide better management care to patients with long term conditions. This is mainly because of the additional clinical support, and the improved and steady communication between the allied health professionals and GP. The CCTs will continue to focus on prevention and self-care in order to reduce avoidable admissions to hospital.

Extended Access Hub (EAH)

Extended Access Hub

Why do this service?

Most A&E departments are under considerable strain because they have to deal with more patients and more complex cases. Many patients who attend A&E can be managed in the community, therefore the government decided to extend access to all GP practices 7 days a week for a number of different reasons. Unfortunately, it is impractical and inefficient to have all GP practices open every day for many reasons. However, practices sharing resources and who operate from a central location (known as “HUB”) are able to offer a wider range of shared services without impacting too heavily on your own practice.

How does it work?

If a Clover member practice is unable to offer you a suitable appointment, you may be offered an alternative at a HUB location. Then, with your consent a special appointment may be booked so you can be safely treated by a GP that has access to your full medical records. These will be updated directly so your own practice is automatically kept up-to-date.

We use EMIS remote consultation technology and are the first in North West London to do so. This has been developed by EMIS (our current clinical system supplier) and is a natural extension to the system that Hillingdon GP practices already use. This ensures maximum patient safety and protects patient confidentiality, since only the “remote clinician” providing your care and no other user, can access your records. Without this, together with extensive local testing, we would not be able to offer you this type of service. It is early days, and there are still some limitations, but our GPs are confident that there will be many more services that could benefit our patients in the future.

The Extended Access Hub has been "live" since January 2017 pilot. In the first four months we have offered nearly 2000 appointments. This was shared by team of 15 GPs, 2 nurses, 3 reception staff, many of whom are based at Clover member practices.

The Clover EAH is at 52 Station Road, Hayes, UB3 4DS

Service opening times

  • Mon-Fri 6.30pm-8.00pm
  • Sat 8.00am- 4.00pm
  • Sun 9.00am to 1.00pm

Extended Access Hub - What are patients saying?

Patient experience based on friends and family test

How likely are you to recommend our service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?

13/17 Scored "extremely likely"

4/17 Scored "likely"

100% of this sample would recommend the service to friends or family

Community Paediatric Clinic (CPC)

Community Paediatric Clinic

Why do this service?

A community paediatric service offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Improved quality of care and clinical effectiveness:
    • Access to a paediatric specialist consultant care in a local GP care setting;
    • Provide GPs with increased paediatric knowledge to manage patients in community;
    • Seeing the child in the right place, at the right time, by the right professional.
  2. Improves patient and carer experience:
    • Reduces unnecessary travel;
    • Increases patient engagement and satisfaction.
  3. Improves patient safety:
    • Allows for early intervention and improves access to service;
    • Patient confidentiality is protected and upheld as full consent is given by the patient at the time of the appointment with the GP. Therefore, it is a safe service offered to the public;
    • Patient detail is entered on the EMIS computer system used at your local GP practice.
  4. Working in partnership between secondary and primary care:
    • Providing care that is holistically connected across the GP practice and hospital;
    • Developing a relationship between paediatric consultants and GPs.

How does it work?

At the time of consultation, your GP will discuss the option of the community clinic for your child/young person, if the GP feels this is an appropriate referral. Please remember that only certain conditions would be deemed appropriate to be seen in the community. Thereafter, a referral form will then be completed, with your consent, and then sent to the Community Paediatric Clinic. You will then receive a letter with an appointment date and time for your child/young person.

The CPC operate from one of the Clover Health member practices. Since the service started in January up until May 2017, we have seen over 100 patients!

If you would like to learn more about the clinic and you feel it may be appropriate for your child, please speak to your GP.

Community Paediatric Clinic - What are patients saying?

I had a detailed assessment on my child. I felt reassured.

Having things explained to me properly for the first time.

“Everyone listened to my concerns.

The best part is that the clinic is near to me. I have somewhere local to go instead of the hospital.

It was quick, convenient, did not have to wait long for an appointment with a specialist.

Thank you for putting my mind at rest regarding my child’s health.

I think the community clinic is a very good idea, seeing the GP and Consultant all under the same roof was very good. The GP and Paediatrician were very helpful and supportive. It can be hard parking at the hospital and the clinic is a lot nearer to home.

Patient Empowerment Workshops

Patient Empowerment Workshops

Why do this service?

Clover Health firmly believe in healthcare education for all individuals. Therefore, in order to address certain questions or anxieties some parents may have about ill health, we started to look at ways of delivering bespoke workshops to address these points.

How does it work?

We have organised a community based programme to provide parents with the knowledge and skills to enable them to self-care and better manage the health of their children. This is aimed at parents of young children so they learn how to manage minor ailments at home and don’t take their child to A&E as the first action when he or she is ill.

We have provided a series of free training workshops which started initially in October 2016 in Botwell Library, Hayes. These have been led by a doctor and some of the topics covered in the workshops included managing fevers, asthma, allergies, eczema, ear ache, and other minor conditions at home. The workshops also gave parents the chance to ask the doctor any questions they had about their own child’s health.

We have arranged three workshops in Botwell Library, Hayes with another two sessions scheduled for June and July 2017. Over 50 parents have attended the sessions so far.

Parents found the workshops very informative and useful. They greatly appreciated the chance to have a conversation with a doctor about their child’s health and concerns.

Patient Empowerment Workshops - What are patients saying?