How are we helping our practices?

General practice needs to evolve especially if it is survive the increasing clinical and administrative workload. Furthermore, whilst funding has been reduced year on year, we are having to look at innovative ways of ensuring we deliver exemplary clinical services to our patients. Clover Health believes that this can be achieved but will require us to think differently.

Listed below are a few different projects we are working on but please remember that the list is always growing, so if you have an idea, please share!

Practice Managers' Support Team

Pratice Managers Support Team

Practices are faced with very similar problems just like any other businesses. They can range from delayed payments which can affect cash flow to staffing issues. Many practices are faced with multiple issues spanning across many facets of business life. Practice managers who are largely in charge of the operational activities are struggling to meet with demands of delivering a service whilst collecting payment!

Clover Health offers bespoke consultancy advice which would address the following, but please remember this list is not exhaustive:

  1. Reorganisation of practice staff, including examination of staff contracts with the help of our HR team.
  2. Improve work productivity.
  3. Financial due diligence, including help with enhancing payments from QOF, LES, LIS and other payments.
  4. Practice development

Practices are welcome to contact us to see how we may be able to help them.



Patients often are faced with great difficulty in getting an appointment to see a GP. But do you ever find that patients’ needs could have been dealt by someone else, someone perhaps more appropriate such as a nurse or a clinical pharmacist.

Clover Health embarked on a project to audit the types of calls a typical practice would receive on multiple differing days. Identifying patients’ requirements and how we can train our receptionists to deal with patients more effectively and efficiently is fundamental. The practices within Clover Health recognise that if we are to get this right, then we would be able to see more patients who really do need to see a doctor.

At the end of the project, we intend to collate our learning to produce a meaningful documentation of clinically safe protocols.

If you would like further information on how we could help your practice, drop us a line!

Clinical Correspondence

Clinical Correspondance

Gosh, what if we could save time from some of the paperwork that GPs and Nurses are faced with! Wouldn’t it be better, if clinicians can do what they are actually trained to do- see and treat patients. According to General Practice Forward View, similar projects have started elsewhere in the country to try and address this very issue.

An average GP spends somewhere between thirty minutes to one hour filing letters. Whilst a proportion of the letters may require clinical input, the majority do not and are merely fulfil an administrative purpose.

Clover Health is working on designing safe protocols to ensure all letters incoming are delegated to the right personnel to action.